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The video outlines a bond investment strategy focused on selecting companies with strong market positions, stable financial health, and reliable management, emphasizing the evaluation of bond structure, trading position, and total return potential to build a high-quality, resilient portfolio.

Max Salk, CFA

Director, Corporate Credit

MAY 2024

The video explains the process of selecting securities for bond investments, emphasizing the importance of evaluating business models, financial health, and management teams to ensure stable and resilient cash flows. Key criteria include companies with strong market positions, high barriers to entry, and predictable industries. Financial analysis focuses on historical trends in revenue, margins, and cash flows, while conservative forecasts and stress tests help assess stability. The management team’s track record and approach to debt are crucial factors, with red flags like significant turnover and accounting issues being cause for concern.

When evaluating bond investments, the video highlights the need to assess the bond structure, trading position, and total return potential compared to other asset classes. Opportunities are identified in the shorter end of the yield curve, where high-quality issuers offer attractive yields without significant credit risk. Early refinancing of bonds, driven by balance sheet management and market accessibility, can impact yield and total return positively. Short-dated high-yield and investment-grade corporates are suggested as viable alternatives to structured credit and municipal bonds, providing attractive yields while maintaining a high-quality portfolio.

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