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Securitized Credit

The discussion focuses on evaluating securitized products for their attractive total return potential, stable cash flows, credit enhancements, and suitability for short-term bond funds, particularly in volatile market environments.

Anthony Harris, CPA

Senior Portfolio Manager

MAY 2024

The video discusses the evaluation of investment potential in securitized products, focusing on several key aspects. Firstly, it highlights the importance of assessing total return potential relative to other available alternatives and the stability of cash flows. This includes determining whether payments can be received earlier than expected, the need for reinvestment, and the potential for cash flow delays or reductions. A detailed credit review is conducted to analyze collateral performance and credit enhancements, ensuring protection against potential losses. The motivations and financial situations of entities owning subordinated tranches and managing underlying loans are also scrutinized. Additionally, factors impacting total returns, such as asymmetries and spread comparisons to historical data, are evaluated to identify compelling investment opportunities.

Securitized products are considered beneficial due to their attractive total return potential and relatively low interest rate sensitivity. These products are especially valuable in market environments characterized by inverted treasury curves and elevated rate and spread volatility. They are ideal for managing short-term bond funds, offering a variety of tranches with different maturities and allowing investors to choose specific credit risks. Enhanced spreads relative to traditional short-term corporate bonds make them appealing despite more complex cash flows and perceived liquidity differences. Securitized products are expected to remain a key component of short-term bond funds, adapting to changes in the treasury rate curve, credit spreads, and relative value within fixed income sectors.

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